Number one I love John and number two I love Virginia. John has been my good luck charm. Every time I do his show something good happens. John was the very first one in media who said if I run, I would win. John predicted it first. I want to thank John for his unwavering […]

John, You were the only radio host in the country, who said Donald Trump should get in this race. And when he does, said I’m going to support him the second he gets in. And you did. You were the first in America. Your support has been invaluable to us, and it has never wavered. […]

I’m glad John is expanding…I always enjoy coming on his show for some good conversation and the chance to engage his many listeners.

I always enjoy our back and forth, and I love to do the John Fredericks Show. It’s a great thing. We don’t always agree by any means, but what I appreciate about you is we can disagree, but do it in a civil way, and not question that what both of us want is what’s […]

John Fredericks is a thoughtful conservative and he allows for intelligent, inspired and respectful debate that serves our community well. I love doing his show, and he sets the tone for finding common ground and elevating the conservation.”

I’m excited about your show…and I appreciate how hard you work to keep your audience up to date and informed on the big issues facing us every day.”

Hands down, The John Fredericks Show is ‘must listen to’ radio for anyone who cares about politics and policy in The Commonwealth of Virginia. John’s knowledgeable, witty, and even though he can be wrong from time to time on the issues — his show is a blast.

I always enjoy being on the John Fredericks’ Show – he knows the issues that are important to his listeners and asks the tough questions.

More often than not, John Fredericks’ analysis of Virginia politics is right on the money. He’s a must listen in the Commonwealth.

John Fredericks covers more material in one day than most other show hosts cover in a week or even a month.

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