John Fredericks on CNN HLN: Firing Back on Leaker, Liar, Lackey James Comey

John Fredericks on Headline News: “Who the Hell Cares What the Porn Star Says!?”

John Fredericks on Headline News predicts Trump wins in 2020: “Jobs and prosperity are the great American equalizers.”

On HLN, 2nd Amendment supporter, John Fredericks calls for a ban on gun sales to anyone under 21 years of age, except veterans.

Fredericks on CNN HLN: “Democrats Cheer Misery!”

Fredericks On CNN: Fredericks calls out Democrats’ hypocrisy and duplicity over DACA: “They’ve used these kids as power pawns.”

Fredericks on CNN: “This is about economics, not race. It’s about putting Americans first, not people from foreign countries.”

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