Fredericks On CNN: Fredericks calls out Democrats’ hypocrisy and duplicity over DACA: “They’ve used these kids as power pawns.”

Fredericks on CNN: “This is about economics, not race. It’s about putting Americans first, not people from foreign countries.”

Fredericks on CNN: JF gets cut off by CNN’s Don Lemon, put in “time out” for disputing Lemon’s narrative on Trump.

Fredericks on HLN: “This is vintage Trump. It’s why he got elected. REFORM. DISRUPT. GET RESULTS!”

They work in the West Wing. Many of the employees that make up the White House staff were entrusted by Donald J. Trump with the unique opportunity to work in the West Wing and serve the President, his agenda, the Administration and the American people. How did they show their loyalty and gratitude? By trashing […]

John Fredericks on CNN: Lying Democrats and Their Legacy Media Lackeys” on Trump’s Tax Cut.

Fredericks on CNN: More lies from the Fake-Newsers who can’t accept the fact that Trump won.

AM 570 is the new home of DC’s conservative talk radio format known as “The Answer”. For many years, The Answer was found on 1260 AM. Recently Salem Media Group acquired 570 AM and moved the powerful conservative talk format to the stronger AM 570 radio signal. AM 570 continues to feature the best talk-show […]

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