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RICHMOND – Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) on Thursday said he supports scrapping a two-year-old deal that shields Dominion Power from rate reviews, saying the rationale for protecting the utility will be lost if the Trump Administration does away with the federal Clean Power Plan. McAuliffe (D) made the remark after Fredericks, who has been broadcasting […]

Former Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said she is considering running for Senate in Virginia next year. In an interview with local Virginia radio’s “John Fredericks Show,” Fiorina was asked if she would run against incumbent Sen. Tim Kaine (D). Fredericks grilled Fiorina about recently attending several local events in Virginia. “Well, I don’t know yet, […]

Part 2: John Fredericks makes an appearance on CNN Tonight to discuss halt on President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Courtesy of CNN Tonight via Youtube

Part 1: John Fredericks makes an appearance on CNN Tonight to discuss halt on President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Courtesy of CNN Tonight via Youtube

Riggleman Shakes Up Virginia GOP 2017 General Assembly Opening Day! He killed terrorists and now he makes whiskey. Just the right combination to run for governor of Virginia. Former Air Force Intel officer and Virginia entrepreneur Denver Riggleman launched his long-shot outsider bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination yesterday. His “take no prisoners” approach is likely to shake up […]

Upends Democratic Race for Virginia Governor We can only imagine how the now infamous phone call from former Va. Democratic Congressman Tom Periello to Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam on Wednesday night went down. It likely went something like this: Perriello: Hi Ralph, Tom Perriello here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Northam: Same to you! […]

A LONDON university professor was blasted by an outspoken radio host after the academic claimed Brexit and Donald Trump’s election was about primal nationalism. Talk Radio host John Fredericks insisted neither vote had anything to do with nationalism, and instead claimed they were about “sovereignty and jobs”. On Newsnight, he said: “This is a worker’s […]

Although Corey Stewart was ousted as Donald Trump’s campaign chairman in Virginia this fall, he’s still anchoring his gubernatorial campaign to the GOP president-elect. In the wake of Trump’s victory, the chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors took aim at Ed Gillespie who, like Stewart, is seeking the Republican nomination for governor. […]

Even the Republican National Committee’s internal polling showed Donald Trump losing Tuesday’s election. But not everyone got it wrong. Here are the people who said that Donald Trump would win the general election or took him seriously enough to accurately predict, early in his candidacy, the manner in which he would be able to beat […]

John Fredericks, who predicted Trump’s rise, overcame a stutter to host his radio show in Chesapeake John Fredericks insists on looking professional for visitors, even at 6 a.m. when his radio show starts. “No gibberish. No nonsense. Just common sense,” he told listeners of “The John Fredericks Show” on a recent morning, using one of […]

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