Fredericks in the Media: WaPo on Virginia Governor Race

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Many people bemoan the polarization and speak wistfully of the bygone — if not entirely imagined — era of collegial bipartisanship known as “the Virginia way.”

John Fredericks is not among them.

The conservative radio host, who helped lead Trump’s Virginia campaign, wants Gillespie move closer to the president in substance and style. Gillespie recently hired the blunt-spoken operative who helped Trump round up votes in Southwest Virginia, a man who contends on Facebook that communists are behind the push to remove Confederate statues.

Fredericks thinks monuments could be the issue that puts Gillespie over the top.

“I think it’s a winning issue for him,” Fredericks said. “We’ve teed it up. He just has to hit the ball and leave nothing for interpretation or ambiguity.”

Democrats didn’t anticipate Confederate monuments as a lasting issue in this year’s governor’s race. Northam now says he thinks the topic will linger into the fall, and he’s trying to steer the conversation to other issues.

“There are a lot more monuments we need to discuss in Virginia that aren’t built in bronze, and those are the inequities we have, such as inequities in income . . . in access to education, in access to health care and voting rights,” Northam said in an interview.

Those roads lead, inevitably, back to Trump.

Read the full article on the John Fredericks Report.