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The highly competitive Republican gubernatorial primary between Ron DeSantis and Adam Putnam so far has been relatively tame on the surface. The congressman and agriculture commissioner have mostly stuck to veiled swipes at each other, rarely uttering one another’s name. That changed today. On the syndicated radio show of staunch Donald Trump supporter John Fredericks, […]

John Fredericks on Headline News: “Who the Hell Cares What the Porn Star Says!?”

John Fredericks on Headline News predicts Trump wins in 2020: “Jobs and prosperity are the great American equalizers.”

On HLN, 2nd Amendment supporter, John Fredericks calls for a ban on gun sales to anyone under 21 years of age, except veterans.

Fredericks on CNN HLN: “Democrats Cheer Misery!”

Fredericks On CNN: Fredericks calls out Democrats’ hypocrisy and duplicity over DACA: “They’ve used these kids as power pawns.”

Fredericks on CNN: “This is about economics, not race. It’s about putting Americans first, not people from foreign countries.”

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