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John Fredericks on CNN: Conservative Media Turning on Trump?

John Fredericks on CNN: Trump Approval Rating 39%

John Fredericks discusses Trump and Russia Investigation on CNN with with Don Lemon, Salena Zito and Joe Madison.

Disclaimer: My legendary, world renowned and highly coveted political predictions – at 96 percent since 2012–are based on the following not so scientific criteria: total hearsay, unconfirmed rumors, conspiracy theories, pure innuendo, personal insight, Trump White House leakers, DPV moles, RINO’s, Bernie Sanders’ supporters, my high-voltage tin foil hat wired directly into the mother ship […]

New Odds on Virginia Governor Race: Perriello, Gillespie Poised for Epic Showdown Blue Virginia Now Fully In Charge of Sleepy, Scaredy-Cat Northam Campaign? CNU’s new Judy Wassen Public Policy Center poll out last week may be an early portend of things to come. Our new morning line odds on the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial races are […]

GOP health plan collapses, Ryan and Trump pull bill. Says Fredericks, “We need to REPLACE Paul Ryan!” #AmericanHealthCareAct Courtesy of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon

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