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White House Chaos: President’s Leaked Conversations with World Leaders

  Sen. Tim Kaine said Thursday that he plans to push for a public option in the health care market when the Senate returns after the August recess. “I’ve thought about if you could have Medicare part E — and E would be for everybody — if you wanted to buy Medicare at any point […]

John Fredericks on CNN: Reince Preibus out as White House Chief of Staff

John Fredericks on CNN: Conservative Media Turning on Trump?

John Fredericks on CNN: Trump Approval Rating 39%


John Fredericks discusses Trump and Russia Investigation on CNN with with Don Lemon, Salena Zito and Joe Madison.

Disclaimer: My legendary, world renowned and highly coveted political predictions – at 96 percent since 2012–are based on the following not so scientific criteria: total hearsay, unconfirmed rumors, conspiracy theories, pure innuendo, personal insight, Trump White House leakers, DPV moles, RINO’s, Bernie Sanders’ supporters, my high-voltage tin foil hat wired directly into the mother ship […]

The John Fredericks Show Trucking The Truth! Exclusive Virginia Primary Night Election Coverage The Number One Source for Live Election Night Coverage in Virginia – 6 Years Running Be A Part of the Action! Will this be the year Republicans take back Virginia and end the 7- year drought? Can the Ed Gillespie juggernaut keep […]

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