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Fredericks on CNN to Don Lemon and Joe Madison on Roy Moore: “Let the voters of Alabama decide – you think they’re stupid. I don’t.”

Fredericks on HLN: Mitch McConnell and his swamp friends think Alabama voters are too stupid to be trusted with their US Senate choice.

ON CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Political Commentators and syndicated Radio talk host John Fredericks and SirusXM Host of the “The Joe Madison Show” Joe Madison discusses the breaking news allegations surrounding Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore.

John Fredericks on CNN: “Clinton Uranium Deal is Going to Take the Clintons Down”

Dust up! On CNN, Fredericks takes on Madison and Lemon, calls out – it gets contentious.

John Fredericks blasts “sick” Democrats on CNN’s HLN​ for politicizing tragic deaths of US Servicemen in the line of duty.

Fredericks on CNN: Calls out the Fake News of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and crushes Joe Madison on Football Kneel-Babies

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