It’s the grand irony of politics. Ed Gillespie almost lost the nomination because of statues. Now, he may win the governorship…because of statues.

Ed Gillespie, a prohibitive early favorite to win the 2017 Virginia Republican nomination for governor, barely hung on for a razor thin victory over Prince William County Supervisor Corey Stewart. The reason he almost lost: Stewart’s defense of Virginia Confederate statues.

Almost 200,000 Virginia Republicans voted for Stewart because they wanted someone who they thought would fight for them, regardless of the cause. The preservation of Confederate statues and monuments became a symbol to tell elites in Washington and Richmond that their infatuation with political correctness had run amuck.

Now in the general election against Democratic front-runner Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, Gillespie is poised to pull the upset and break the Republican’s statewide seven year election losing streak. The reason: his defense of Virginia confederate statues.

Northam’s total collapse to the whims of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s (D) presidential ambitions – he reversed his previous position and called for the removal of all Confederate statues and monuments in Virginia – is a potential death knell blow to a listless campaign that is focused on running out the clock.

McAuliffe, who will run for President in 2020, wants to be the Nikki Haley of the Democratic Party.

Haley, the former Republican governor of South Carolina, called for the removal of the Confederate battle flag that flew over her state’s Columbia capitol for over 150 years in the wake of the Dylan Roof Charleston Church massacre.

Haley’s steadfast position burst her onto the national scene. She is now U.N. Ambassador.

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