GOP Virginia Senate D-12 Debate Announcement
The John Fredericks Show and News-Talk WNTW AM 820 to Host Debate

Richmond, Virginia, April 23, 2015 — The John Fredericks Radio Show and Richmond radio station News-Talk WNTW AM 820 will host a debate for the four candidates vying for the Republican nomination for Virginia Senate District 12 to better inform the district’s primary voters of each candidate’s platform and policy positions.









• Tuesday, May 5

• 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

• Open to the public

• Open to the media

• Broadcast Live on WNTW AM 820

• Streaming live at



Reynolds Community College

Workforce Development and Conference Center

1651 East Parham Road

Richmond, VA 23228

Doors open at 5:00 PM. Admission is free and seating is open to the public on a first come basis.



• John Fredericks, Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host –Virginia

• WNTW AM 820 –Richmond, Virginia



• Each candidate will have a 2:00 opening statement

• We will draw order of opening statements by lot

• Each candidate will have a 2:00 closing statement

• Closing statements will be in reverse order of opening statements (one goes four, two goes three, etc.)

• All questions are posed by the candidates, not the moderator

• We will draw order of questions by lot

• Each candidate can ask one question to each of the other three candidates in each round

• 12 questions will be asked in total

• The candidate who is asked the question has :90 to respond

• Each of the other two candidates, plus the candidate who asked the question, has :60 to respond or comment

• The candidate who is asked the question has the final word and has an additional :30.

Note: This is a unique and successfully proven format used by host John Fredericks and the John Fredericks Radio Show. This format has been used in various debates and town hall forums from city council to gubernatorial races.




About John Fredericks:
John Fredericks is a senior media executive with over 25 years experience. As an accomplished journalist and formidable investigative reporter, Fredericks has served as a large market newspaper publisher, editor, TV host, radio host, commentator and columnist. He has covered local, regional and national news events that include government, business, economics and politics.

John Fredericks is known for combining tough investigative reporting with in-depth news analysis. John Fredericks leverages his extensive contacts, sterling reputation and experience to bring the biggest names and most informed experts to his show, to give listeners the information they need to make decisions about the issues facing our region, state and country.

On The John Fredericks Show, Fredericks serves as an honest broker of the truth, working to present all sides of every issue in a civil and respectful environment. His election predictions have proved uncannily accurate in Virginia and his pre-election morning line odds and forecasts have become “must listen” radio for Virginia politicos.


About The John Fredericks Show:
The John Fredericks Show is Common Sense for the Commonwealth. It is the only morning political news-talk show focused on local issues that impact the daily lives of Virginia residents. The John Fredericks Show broadcasts live weekdays from 6-9am on WHTK AM 1650 – Hampton Roads, WNTW AM 820 – Richmond – Central Virginia and WBZS 102.5 FM – Roanoke and the New River Valley. The show also streams live at

The John Fredericks Show believes there is a hunger among the populace for a forum where issues can be discussed intelligently and respectfully and firmly believes that Americans are eager to work together to find common ground among our diversity and differences. The show exists to give Virginia constituents access to information they need to begin the dialogue that can ultimately lead to working together, getting results and improving the Commonwealth and country.


About News-Talk WNTW-AM 820:
WNTW-AM 820 brings listeners in Richmond, Virginia conservative factual news and business news from the most respected names in the news industry such as the Salem Radio Network (SRN) and The Blaze Radio Network. WNTW-AM 820 provides news to Richmond, Virginia on the hour and the half hour — every hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. All news talk hosts are live Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day. WNTW-AM 820 streams live at