WATCH NOW – CLICK PLAYER BELOW: John Fredericks and Steve Bannon discuss breaking news out of Georgia. A new judicial ruling means 30,000 suspected counterfeit ballots will be independently analyzed in Fulton County.

WATCH NEXT – CLICK PLAYER BELOW: Bannon and Fredericks: What Happens in Georgia Could Change the Whole Nation

4 Replies to “BREAKING: Judge Rules 30,000 Suspected Counterfeit Ballots Analyzed in GA”

  1. I think all of the polling places that were in question need to be investigated. All of the people need to be fired that were in on this. Joe Biden needs to be impeached because he is in the president’s office and he shouldn’t be.

  2. Put guards where the ballots are. Do we need another chicken fire?

  3. Ok so these were 2 different elections. So hes say this went on in both. I am praying that it happened and the investigation continues.

  4. Nine months after the dirty deed and now one good judge allows an independent review of mail-in-ballots is a good indication [to me] that there is a dirty justice system inside our counters. It took one good judge [that we are fortunate enough to have] but I think we should investigate the process and identify all those who sabatauged the justice system for 9 months any prosecute those who broke the law. We are lucky for the one good judge but this does not excuse the rest.

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