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New program beginning WEDNESDAY, March 17th at 4:00 PM!

Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks…Talking to Americans, outside of Washington…in the heartland, in our cities, and in our communities about what matters to them!

Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks…listen live in Central Virginia on WJFN 100.5 FM, AM 820, and 92.7 FM, and in Atlanta, GA on WMLB AM 1690!!

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Video Link: https://rumble.com/veovut-outside-the-beltway-with-john-fredericks.html

12 Replies to “Outside the Beltway Hits Airways on the John Fredericks Radio Network and Real America’s Voice”

  1. I am so glad that RAV added Fredricks to the lineup; Fredricks brings facts to the table and is covering the election fraud that the majority in media have moved past.



    1. Please acknowledge on air that if the EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE was so safe why hasn’t THE FDA been approving it. Please address THE NUREMBERG CODE LAWS that give all people the LEGAL right to refuse any EXPERIMENTAL medical treatment, vaccine, etc. Even the SUPREME COURT protects potential victims because of THE NUREMBERG CODE LAWS. PLEASE BRING ATTENTION TO THIS!!

  3. God says that America will be God’s Kingdom. (Revelation 12:10-11)
    All we need to do is return to God. That means looking after our children. Fight Abortions and Indoctrination.
    God is probably waiting.
    Meet me in Heaven,

  4. Omg. This school board meeting is EXACTLY what I am talking about!! They colored in the lines but they DID something besides having endless meetings to do it I AM a c ok narrative who has never been arrested in my 65 years of life. I 💕💕 the Constitution. I have walked around Lake Eola here in Orlando with a sign saying so. Got interviewed by 3 tv stations and many people take pics of my sign. Do you remember the Doozers on Fragile Rock/ MTV fame? We ARE NOT deplorables. We are Doozers. I don’t do any social media so it is frustrating not to be able to communicate easily with you. One thing I promise you is that I will NEVER call you again and I hope you had a nice Sunday. ALL of us out here have thoughts, ideas and stories that need to be heard the same way we appreciate what all of you do on Real America’s Voice. We are maga just like you with a different function in this movement. I have called Congressmen/Senators, attended rallies, etc. Don’t negate us because we aren’t doing on a big scale like you. Thanks

  5. When are you coming to Tarpon Springs Florida, Tampa Bay area for a ralley with you?

  6. The fair tax would have a group receing $ from gov. Subj to x cost, fraud.etc. flat tax starts at or above poverty rate.

  7. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/11/its_in_the_code_hankypanky_in_virginias_votes.html

    I also saw a list of Virginia counties with voter turnout exceeding 100 percent. Worth looking into.

  8. just listened to you on the War room steve bannon. Will be listening to you going forward. thx

  9. Outside the Beltway Hits with John Fredericks lagging needs to be fixed. Great show

  10. Mr. Fredericks,
    I saw your interview with Dr. Lee Merritt on Monday Oct. 18. I’m disgusted with the lack of knowledge you seem to put forth about what is going on with what Dr. Lee Merritt was talking about, genocide from covid jabs. How about you put forth some effort to have an actual discussion, on your network, with multiple individuals like Dr. Lee Merritt, who are diligently trying to get the word out about the depopulation program that’s happening with these bioweapon jabs. As a typical ordinary deplorable, I find it disingenuous that you spend such little time on your network talking down in the weeds, with real doctors and scientist, about the catastrophic effects these bioweapon jabs are doing to people. There are millions of people who are dying from these jabs and all you can put forth is a few snippet minuets on one of your shows. Your network is the only one I watch anymore, on the tv tube. But, I’m starting to think that you are no better than all the rest of the fake news outlets. Are you controlled opposition like Fox News? I get more in depth information from alternative news sites online then I do from your network. Just about done with all of you. Not interested in your ratings. I would prefer you use your platform to reach as many people as possible to save as many people as possible from these diabolical injections. How about stomping out the fear and reporting on the early treatment protocols that are available for covid. I think there’s a lot of people out here that would like to here from all those doctors and scientists that have been censored by the fake mainstream media.

  11. PLEASE FIX JOHN FREDRICKS AUDIO AND OTHER GLITCHES!!!! Ilike to watch the show bit it’s so over the top messed up…EVERYDAY!!!! It’s so frustrating. Pretty sure I’m not the only one it annoys. Please, whoever is in charge of audio needs to fix the problem. I’d like to keep watching….we’ll see. Thank you!

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