Conservative radio host John Fredericks live from the Conservative Political Action Conference’s (CPAC) media row in Orlando, FL, attacked the conference over CPAC taking corporate money and not being right-wing enough.

Speaking on Steven Bannon’s War Room Pandemic podcast Thursday morning, the radio host didn’t hold back.

“The populists have taken CPAC over at the grassroots level, and so, this is a beautiful thing, Matt [Gaetz], we are using their CPAC corporate money to spread our message. I mean, you just can’t get better than this. We are taking their money, their chamber of commerce money, all these sponsors, to spread our message,” Fredericks stated. “I mean, you can’t have a better trifecta of events.”

“Not only are we here, have we taken CPAC over, but we are doing it with their money! It’s a beautiful thing, Steve!” he added.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) – who is speaking at CPAC later this week – then asked Fredericks if he was worried about his CPAC booth being taken away from him after ripping into the conference.


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