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‘Outside the Beltway’ to offer viewers a window to real Americans and the issues they truly care about

CENTENNIAL, CO, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Real America’s Voice, a linear, digital news network owned by Performance One Media, is pleased to announce the premiere of ‘Outside the Beltway’ with John Fredericks.

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome John Fredericks to the Real America’s Voice family,” said Real America’s Voice CEO Howard Diamond. “John has been delighting listeners with his wit, insight, and take-no-prisoners approach for years, and we are so excited to bring that talent to our network,” he continued. “Our viewers are in for a real treat.”

‘Outside the Beltway,’ which premieres Wednesday, March 17 at 4 PM EST, is dedicated to bringing viewers the thoughts and opinions of real Americans and highlighting the issues that matter most to everyday voters. The program will break through Establishment soundbites and talking points, highlighting the deceit and dishonesty of the professional political class in Washington.

“For far too long, working Americans have been utterly ignored and disenfranchised by establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle,” said Fredericks in a statement. “Our new show seeks to democratize political debate,” he continued. “Not only will we expose beltway apparatchiks to what real Americans think, we will highlight for real Americans just how out of touch the D.C. elitist swamp-dwelling class truly is,” he concluded.

You can watch all Real America’s Voice programming, including ‘Outside the Beltway’, at https://realamericasvoice.com or by downloading the app on Apple or Android. Real America’s Voice is also available on DISH Network, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Pluto TV, and Roku.\


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4 Replies to “Radio Legend John Fredericks Debuts New TV Show on Real America’s Voice”

  1. I just found about John’s new program, “Outside the Beltway,” and my husband and I will be listening this afternoon! We listen to the John Fredericks Radio Show as often as we can for accurate news reports pertaining to Virginia and throughout the country. Now, we can receive accurate news about the corrupt, DC Swamp because John will bring us the facts we need to know. Our once strong Republic is in peril because of enemies within and we must know the truth in order to legally defeat America’s enemies within and restore our Constitutional freedoms, liberties and laws.

  2. This was a great presentation on why an audit is needed in GA. It’s 38 minutes long but you can skip to minute 8.


  3. More right wing propaganda to be gobbled up by the ultra right-wing Trump cult members. I notice not too may comments for a “terrific” new show now 7 months old. Come on AT&T. Surely you can do better than this.

  4. Why do you people keep dodging the question about Chem Trails. John fredericks dodged it last week ans someone dodged it today. Chem trails is serious business and no laughing matter. They are polluting the air, killing our crops. poisoining our waters and streams and causing erratic storms that have recently caused a lot of damage andkilled people. This is their climate change and every day they are up there erasing the sunshine. If you are better than FOX and Newsmax come clean and lets have a discussion and not gaff off people.

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