Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, the real estate and pop culture mogul who appears to be the front runner in an early GOP race, did John Fredericks’ radio show this morning.

Trump dropped both compliment and invective, the first for Fredericks, the latter for the Obama administration, the media, the Mexican and Chinese governments, Macy’s and Macy’s CEO, whom he called a gutless coward for recently dropping Trump’s clothing line.

Trump also referred to his opponents in this presidential race as “all these other clowns.”

“He’s going to be the nominee,” Fredericks said in introducing Trump. “I am never wrong.”

Fredericks then read a promo recommending “investment grade diamonds” and brought on Trump, who lauded the self proclaimed “Commander of Common Sense” as “a man of great brain power and a lot of common sense.”

Trump’s pitch can be summarized thusly: If I was president, I’d bring my amazing deal-making abilities to bear, solving roughly all problems and rebuilding the American Dream, which is currently dead.

Some outtakes:

On the Obama administration’s handling of the Iran nuclear deal: “Are we dealing with 3rd grade people here? … A classic incompetence. … We have people who did not read The Art of the Deal.”

How he would have handled Iran: “I would have sanctioned them up the wazoo. … I’d rather not go in militarily.”

How long these negotiations should have taken, following a doubling or tripling of sanctions, and a satisfied demand for American prisoner releases: “About a day.”

On the media: “Much of it is very dishonest.”

On negotiating with other countries: “I beat the Chinese (in business deals). … You mention my name to them, they go hide under a table. … All these other clowns … Bush can’t make deals with China.”

On his previous support for universal health care: “I want people taken care of … including people who don’t have anything. … I’m actually a conservative with a heart.”

How he’d accomplish that: “I can work a deal with hospitals.”

The roughly 20 minute interview wrapped with Trump telling Fredericks he’s going to work hard to win the nomination and prove him right.

“I am always right,” Fredericks replied.

Read the Daily Press article here.


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