Trump Campaign Virginia Chairman Asks Question in White House Briefing

Repost: The Hill The Trump campaign’s Virginia chairman, John Fredericks, asked a question during the White House press briefing on Wednesday. Fredericks, who hosts a syndicated conservative radio show called the John Fredericks Show, asked the last question of the briefing. “I want to change the topic a minute if I may and go South,” […]

Virginia Republicans Try to Sort Out a Bloodbath…

John Fredericks in the News, Repost from the Richmond-Times Dispatch,by Graham Moomaw @gmoomaw John Fredericks, a pro-Trump radio host who advocated for bringing the president to Virginia, said Trump’s absence left his supporters unenthused. A presidential rally, he said, wouldn’t have fired up the Trump opponents any more than they already were. “Ralph Northam ran […]

Trump Dives into Virginia Governor’s Race

President Trump has been a presence in Virginia’s contest for governor since before the candidates were even set, but he has now roiled the race by jumping in directly and attacking the Democratic nominee through his preferred method: a nighttime tweet. “Ralph Northam, who is running for Governor of Virginia, is fighting for the violent […]

Ed Gillespie Keeps Trump at Arm’s Length

Virginia’s Republican nominee for governor Ed Gillespie is keeping President Trump at arm’s length, suggesting he views him as a liability in his campaign against Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam. Trump, in an unexpected Thursday evening tweet, urged Virginians to vote for Gillespie on Nov. 7, while charging that Northam was soft on gang violence. […]

Strong Personalities Dominate the World

Every year, Forbes magazine comes out with its list of the “World’s Most Powerful People” where one slot is allocated for every 100 million people in this planet. With the world’s current population estimated at 7.4 billion, 74 individuals are in this year’s list – men and women who wield the most influence and whose […]

Donald Trump and the Long Tradition of American Populism

Updated | Most political observers readily agree that the soaring Donald Trump crusade has tapped into a restive populist mood but hardly anyone knows what populism is, or why on earth a megalomaniacal billionaire has emerged as its latest standard-bearer. The Beltway definition of populism is disdainful. When it’s affixed to unexpected movements like the […]

Trump Makes Case for Presidency on Virginia Radio

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump railed against “incompetent” Washington leaders Thursday during an early morning interview on a Hampton Roads-based radio talk show. The New York real estate magnate described the recent Iranian nuclear deal as a failure and argued that the U.S. government doesn’t know how to negotiate with “corrupt” Chinese leaders. Trump, who […]

Trump on HRVA Radio: I Can Work a Deal

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, the real estate and pop culture mogul who appears to be the front runner in an early GOP race, did John Fredericks’ radio show this morning. Trump dropped both compliment and invective, the first for Fredericks, the latter for the Obama administration, the media, the Mexican and Chinese governments, Macy’s […]

GOP Presidential Front-Runner Donald Trump on The John Fredericks Show

ICYMI:  Full Audio of GOP Presidential Front – Runner Donald Trump on The John Fredericks Radio Show on July 16 , 2015 For MP3 Email Request to Comments: 757-692-1710   The John Fredericks Show is Common Sense for the Commonwealth. It is the only morning political news-talk show focused on local issues that impact […]

On the Show July 16

Donald J. Trump, Current Front-Runner for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination Is Scheduled To Make His Second Appearance on The John Fredericks Radio Show on Thursday July 16 at 7:35 a.m. All Roads To The White House in 2016 Run Through Virginia. Trump Promises To Campaign Hard To Carry A Majority Of Virginia Delegates On […]

Political Insighter: Donald Trump Headlines John Fredericks Radio

All Roads to the White House in 2016 Run Through Virginia Will he or won’t he? With the race for the Republican nomination for President in 2016 this wide open, and sporting a potential 19 aspirants, a Donald Trump for President candidacy does not have the air of pure entertainment it had a few cycles back. This time it’s for real — and […]

On the Show April 22

Breaking: Donald Trump on JFRS today at 8:35 a.m. Will he run for President? The Donald will be in Central Virginia on Friday…all roads to the White House in 2016 run through Virginia…and The John Fredericks Show. We’ve got a blockbuster scheduled line-up today – don’t miss out! Go big or go home with your […]