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Radio Legend John Fredericks Debuts New TV Show on Real America’s Voice

NEWS PROVIDED BY:  Jillian Anderson, ProActive

‘Outside the Beltway’ to offer viewers a window to real Americans and the issues they truly care about

CENTENNIAL, CO, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Real America’s Voice, a linear, digital news network owned by Performance One Media, is pleased to announce the premiere of ‘Outside the Beltway’ with John Fredericks.

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome John Fredericks to the Real America’s Voice family,” said Real America’s Voice CEO Howard Diamond. “John has been delighting listeners with his wit, insight, and take-no-prisoners approach for years, and we are so excited to bring that talent to our network,” he continued. “Our viewers are in for a real treat.”

‘Outside the Beltway,’ which premieres Wednesday, March 17 at 4 PM EST, is dedicated to bringing viewers the thoughts and opinions of real Americans and highlighting the issues that matter most to everyday voters. The program will break through Establishment soundbites and talking points, highlighting the deceit and dishonesty of the professional political class in Washington.

“For far too long, working Americans have been utterly ignored and disenfranchised by establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle,” said Fredericks in a statement. “Our new show seeks to democratize political debate,” he continued. “Not only will we expose beltway apparatchiks to what real Americans think, we will highlight for real Americans just how out of touch the D.C. elitist swamp-dwelling class truly is,” he concluded.

You can watch all Real America’s Voice programming, including ‘Outside the Beltway’, at https://realamericasvoice.com or by downloading the app on Apple or Android. Real America’s Voice is also available on DISH Network, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Pluto TV, and Roku.\


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BREAKING: Judge Rules 30,000 Suspected Counterfeit Ballots Analyzed in GA (VIDEO)

WATCH NOW – CLICK PLAYER BELOW: John Fredericks and Steve Bannon discuss breaking news out of Georgia. A new judicial ruling means 30,000 suspected counterfeit ballots will be independently analyzed in Fulton County.

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Outside the Beltway Hits Airways on the John Fredericks Radio Network and TVs on Real America’s Voice

New program beginning WEDNESDAY, March 17th at 4:00 PM!

Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks…Talking to Americans, outside of Washington…in the heartland, in our cities, and in our communities about what matters to them!

Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks…listen live in Central Virginia on WJFN 100.5 FM, AM 820, and 92.7 FM, and in Atlanta, GA on WMLB AM 1690!!

Streaming live on the John Fredericks Radio App, or get it in the App Store and Google Play …or watch on Real America’s Voice on DISH Channel 219, PLUTO TV Channel 240, ROKU, APPLE TV, and FIRE TV!

Video Link: https://rumble.com/veovut-outside-the-beltway-with-john-fredericks.html

The John Fredericks Radio Network Expands to Atlanta, Syndicates The Doug Collins Show 3-4 PM Daily


America’s Godzilla of Truth 
#GodzillaOfTruth  #TruckingTheTruth

The John Fredericks Radio Network Expands to Atlanta on March 1, Syndicates The Doug Collins Show 3:00 – 4:00 PM Daily

ATLANTA, Georgia —The John Fredericks Radio Network (JFRN) headquartered in Richmond, Virginia announces a new talk radio station in metro Atlanta commencing March 1.

The new format will air on legacy Atlanta radio station WMLB AM 1690 under a Local Marketing Agreement (LMA) until the full purchase is made.

JFRN currently owns three radio stations in Virginia, anchored by the John Fredericks Show, which runs 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM daily across much of Virginia. The new Atlanta station will operate under the John Fredericks Radio Network conglomerate.

“News-talk radio is the last bastion of free and unencumbered speech in America,” talk show host and CEO John Fredericks said. “It’s our final frontier of free speech, and it’s a community devoid of the cancel culture now stifling and squashing free and open discussion in our country. We are honored to bring our fresh and dynamic brand of news-talk radio and cutting-edge commentary to our Atlanta metro listeners.”

Doug Collins Launches New Syndicated Radio Show

JFRN is proud to announce a new syndicated radio talk show, “The Doug Collins Show” debuting on March 1. Collins is a former Georgia Congressman and former ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee. Collins’ show will be aired Monday through Friday 3:00-4:00 PM live from Atlanta. More Georgia affiliates for The Doug Collins Show will be added in March.

Full press release here: https://mailchi.mp/0d3c0d4b320b/wmlb-am-1690-presser


Radio Host Nukes CPAC Live From “CPAC Media Row”: We’re Using ‘Corporate Money to Spread Our Message’

Conservative radio host John Fredericks live from the Conservative Political Action Conference’s (CPAC) media row in Orlando, FL, attacked the conference over CPAC taking corporate money and not being right-wing enough.

Speaking on Steven Bannon’s War Room Pandemic podcast Thursday morning, the radio host didn’t hold back.

“The populists have taken CPAC over at the grassroots level, and so, this is a beautiful thing, Matt [Gaetz], we are using their CPAC corporate money to spread our message. I mean, you just can’t get better than this. We are taking their money, their chamber of commerce money, all these sponsors, to spread our message,” Fredericks stated. “I mean, you can’t have a better trifecta of events.”

“Not only are we here, have we taken CPAC over, but we are doing it with their money! It’s a beautiful thing, Steve!” he added.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) – who is speaking at CPAC later this week – then asked Fredericks if he was worried about his CPAC booth being taken away from him after ripping into the conference.


John Fredericks: “It’s TPAC!” (The John Fredericks Radio Network is LIVE from CPAC, Orlando, FL)



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John Fredericks Argues There Is ‘No Establishment’ on America’s Voice News’ Dr. Gina Show!


John Fredericks gives compelling facts that the America First movement has already taken over the GOP Party @maggie.vandenberghe @fogcitymidge @RealAMVoice @RealDrGina #GodzillaOfTruth #TruckingTheTruth

One of the Most Influential Talk Radio Show Hosts You Probably Don’t Know

This is a good time to be John Fredericks — the Trump-loving, central Virginia-based talk-radio show host who brands himself “America’s Godzilla of Truth.”

By Myra Kahn Adams, Townhall

#GodzillaOfTruth #TruckingTheTruth #OracleOfDeplorables

This is a good time to be John Fredericks — the Trump-loving, central Virginia-based talk-radio show host who brands himself “America’s Godzilla of Truth.”

He may be the most influential talk-radio show host you have never heard of… but Donald Trump knows him well. And, at age 62, Fredericks has the president to thank for his mid-career upward trajectory that began in mid-2015.

Seneca, the ancient Roman philosopher, wrote, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” and John Fredericks proves that axiom.

After several decades of holding various positions in media and journalism, on Jan. 1, 2012, Fredericks leased airtime at a rural Virginia radio station,100.5 FM, and began hosting his own four-hour morning news-talk show.

Then on June 1, 2015, “luck met opportunity.” Fredericks was the first media personality to endorse Donald Trump, predicting that the brash New York businessman with no political experience would become our 45th president. Even more prescient was Fredericks’ timing — two weeks before June 16, the day Trump famously descended the Trump Tower escalator to announce his candidacy.

Five years later, Fredericks’ owns WJFN with a “robust digital platform,” is syndicated on seven Virginia radio stations reaching most of the state and holds a White House press pass. When I asked John about the status of his relationship with the president — since Trump was a guest on his show “about 20 times” during the campaign — Fredericks shyly answered, “I do meet and speak with the president at his request.”

Today, while Trump fights a brutal economic and health war against COVID-19 and the Real Clear Politics general election poll average shows Biden leading Trump by a margin of 5.3 percentage points  — I asked Fredericks, “Are you still supporting the president 1000%?” His reflexive answer was “yes” — predicting that in November, Trump would capture a “bigger majority” than 2016, “winning New Hampshire and Minnesota.”

Such unabashed enthusiasm earned Fredericks a starring role in a complimentary January 23, 2020, Washington Post “Style section” feature story, accompanied by a four-minute video headlined: “Trumpworld has converted the nation’s regional talk radio hosts into a loyal army.”

In Trump’s “army” Fredericks is a 3-star general, broadcasting live weekdays from 6-10 a.m. at his now self-owned WJFN, reaching from Richmond to Charlottesville and licensed in Goochland, Virginia. Gooch-what? Gooch-where you ask? Approximately 115 miles south outside the infamous Washington Beltway, west outside of Richmond, east outside of Charlottesville and way outside the “Acela Corridor.”

“John Fredericks understands ‘the Deplorables’ in the same visceral way Trump does,” former Trump White House advisor Steve Bannon and host of “War Room: Pandemic,” which originates from and airs daily 10 a.m.-12 p.m. on WJFN, said in an email. “He gets that they are the backbone of the nation — what they think matters, what they do matters, and how they vote matters.”

For the record, Fredericks thinks Bannon is the leader of “the Deplorables”

Fredericks also knows when and how to throw just the right amount of “red meat” to his “Deplorable” audience — a key to understanding his outsized influence in “Trumpworld’s loyal army” without going off the rails.

Yet, broadcast waves emanating from Goochland go beyond pleasing Deplorables and national Republican officeholders. “I have the unique ability to attract high-profile Democrats to come on my show regularly,” John told me. They “know where I stand, but I have a reputation for asking good questions, being knowledgeable, being fair, I don’t do gotcha. I am trying to get information and have a dialogue — not just a soundbite — big difference.”

He continues, with a message targeted to the Acela Corridor in this uber-polarized media environment: “If you don’t understand what the other side is saying, you have no way to beat it, or defeat it, or figure out how to work together.”

One would never guess those words emanate from an original MAGA-hat-wearer with stellar Trump Team credentials. In 2016 Fredericks was the Trump campaign’s Virginia State Chairman and a delegate to the RNC convention.  He is a Trump 2020 Advisory Board member and, again, will be a convention delegate. Oval Office photos with the president are displayed on WJFN’s Facebook page.

Access has opened doors and brought financial success to MAGA Radio Network —owned by John and his wife — who are awaiting FCC approval after recently purchasing some stations, with plans for more “aggressive expansion.”

Is the MAGA Network a nascent media “empire” in the making? I questioned John, “Do you see yourself as the next Rush Limbaugh?” He answered, “No, the first John Fredericks.”

Finally, I asked the “first John Fredericks” what happens to his career if there are not enough “deplorables” to forge a Trump victory in November?

He replied, “We represent a movement of which right now President Trump is the head. It is the ‘American First Movement.’ We aim to get our supply chains back in the U.S. We want to get our jobs back. Get our manufacturing back and get out of these Middle East wars. We want to put Americans and jobs first, increase wages and hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for what they have wrought on the world.”

Fredericks continued, “Whether Trump exits in 2020 or 2024, another leader will emerge because this is a philosophy, a belief system. It is not about a person.”

John would not predict the name of that next “leader.”

Rest assured, when he does name a name, the Goochland airwaves will be buzzing, and perhaps you will remember the talk-show host’s name, “John Fredericks” America’s self-proclaimed, “Godzilla of Truth.”

But these days, “truth” is relative.

How One Right-wing Talk Radio Host is Fueling Backlash Against Social Distancing

A Virginia-based talk radio host and member of President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign advisory committee is promoting local protests against COVID-19 restrictions and spreading misinformation about the virus.

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted talk radio’s unique ability to reach local audiences. John Fredericks, host of The John Fredericks Show, is one of many conservative media figures who have railed against public health measures designed to slow the spread of the virus. But in addition to pushing familiar right-wing talking points, Fredericks’ show provides a valuable platform for regional protest organizers looking to boost turnout and Trump surrogates hoping to reach a local audience.

A profile of Fredericks for The Washington Post noted, “A local host can repeatedly bolster or attack a local politician, whereas a national host simply doesn’t have the time.” Protests against social distancing have largely been organized at the state and local level. While nationally syndicated hosts like Rush Limbaugh cheer on these protests from the sidelines, only local hosts like Fredericks can afford to spend airtime engaging with local organizers and encouraging audiences to attend specific protests.

Trump’s media allies have cast doubt on the effectiveness of social distancing, and many have voiced support for protesters calling to reopen the economy. Fredericks has been a strong supporter of these protests, even offering up his show as a megaphone for organizers. As he argued during a discussion with one local protest organizer on May 14, “We have got to get out of our pajamas and stop this. And the only way you’re going to stop it is by direct action.”

Much of Fredericks’ criticism has been aimed at state and local officials in Virginia, and he has interviewed several protest organizers in his home state. On April 21, Fredericks encouraged his listeners to attend a rally in Richmond and asked, “When are we going to wake up and stop this nonsense?” Later during the same show, Fredericks interviewed one of the protest organizers with Reopen Virginia.

Fredericks has also thrown his support behind protests at the county level. On May 14, a local vineyard owner appeared on the show to promote a “peaceful flash mob” advocating for Loudoun County to be reopened. The next day, Fredericks hosted a local organizer from the group Reopen Fauquier County and praised a recent protest designed to pressure county officials.

In what he has dubbed his “Reopen America Tour,” Fredericks has also been broadcasting his show in recent weeks from several different states, including MississippiGeorgiaTennessee, and New Jersey. Fredericks has interviewed a number of local politicians in those states, alternately praising Republican governors for reopening quickly and criticizing Democratic governors who have failed to do so. Fredericks also recently created a public Facebook group called #OpenAmerica, which appears designed to advocate for reopening the country as a whole.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Fredericks has espoused many of the same conservative talking points voiced by national right-wing media figures. Like Limbaugh, Fredericks has argued that Democratic governors are insisting on lockdowns in order to inflict political damage on Trump. On April 17, Fredericks claimed that Democratic governors are planning to “eradicate and assassinate as many small businesses as they can, which represent Trump’s base.” Fredericks has also repeatedly compared COVID-19 to the flu, arguing on May 15 that the “the level of people that die, the numbers, … it’s on a par with the common flu.”

self-described “anti-masker,” Fredericks has criticized members of the White House coronavirus task force and has spread a conspiracy theory about the pandemic online. In an interview with Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) on April 27, Fredericks said, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx “have to go,” and Fredericks has also used the Twitter hashtag #FireFauci multiple times. Fredericks even posted a link to the film Plandemic, which has since been removed from YouTube for spreading COVID-19 conspiracy theories, calling the film a “must watch.”

The host’s ties to the Trump administration extend back to the 2016 campaign, when Fredericks served as the chairman of Trump’s Virginia campaign and interviewed the candidate numerous times. Since then, Fredericks has maintained close ties with various Trump surrogates and former members of his administration, including former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former adviser Steve Bannon.

In one of his first appearances discussing COVID-19 on the show on March 10, Lewandowski agreed with Fredericks that the Democrats are “weaponizing” the virus to hurt Trump politically, and Lewandowski has made multiple appearances in the months since to discuss the pandemic. Bannon is also a frequent guest. In fact, Fredericks helped launch Bannon’s War Room radio show by providing him with airtime on The John Fredericks Radio Network. Like Lewandowski, Bannon has used his appearances to push right-wing talking points, such as arguing on May 5 that Fauci “has done a grave disservice to the president, just the way he’s presented things, the way he’s presented numbers, the way the goal posts have shifted.”

Current members of the Trump administration have appeared on Fredericks’ show as well. Since February 28, deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley has made at least four appearances to discuss the pandemic. White House coronavirus task force member Seema Verma has also made at least three appearances within the same time period.

By spreading national talking points and elevating local organizers, Fredericks’ show represents a dual threat in right-wing media’s attack on public health measures.

Source: https://www.mediamatters.org/coronavirus-covid-19/how-one-right-wing-virginia-talk-radio-host-fueling-backlash-against-social